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TOMORROW is a not-for-profit organization for creation based in Kyoto, Japan founded in September 2016. TOMORROW will pursue the funding production and staging of site-specific works by high-profile artists who seek to bring viewers joy and inspiration for a deeper human experience.


Kayo Tokuda / Director

Chairperson of TOMORROW. After working as the head of the curatorial section at the opening of Chichu Art Museum, the curator in charge of the construction of Teshima Art Museum, and the curator of Benesse Art Site Naoshima, she established TOMORROW in 2016 to carry out cultural and artistic activities for the next generation through food, art, crafts, and architecture. She is based in Kyoto (SEI), Japan, where she carries out art activities.


Shunya Hashizume / Program & Office Manager

Graduated from Graduate School of Architecture, Kyoto University in 2020. Involved in the activities of TOMORROW as an intern since he was a graduate student. He moved to Taiza in 2022 and works in Taiza and in Kyoto City.


Natsuka Okamoto / Press and Program Coordinator

Art coordinator. After working in operations at a museum and management at a contemporary art gallery, she has been working as a freelance art coordinator since 2019. She has been involved with TOMORROW as a coordinator since its inception.


Kohei Wakamatsu / Intern

Currently a graduate student in the Graduate School of Architecture, Kyoto University. He was involved in the operation of ECHO 2022 as an intern. He is in charge of “Field of Stars” (Teresita & Cypress Fernàndez, Shuji Nakagawa) and “Nature Room” (Satoshi Sato, Akio Niisato) with Hashizume at ECHO 2023.




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