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"Taiza paper" 2022, Koh Kado and Yoshihisa Tanaka

This is an original paper produced by soil from the rice paddies of Taiza and mixing it with Kozo (paper mulberry). The paper was created as a new kind of beauty for daily life from Tango, for use in printed materials and sliding doors for Taiza Studio.


As a nonprofit organization, TOMORROW relies on generous contributions from individuals like you to support our broad array of arts, food and educational programs.

We are preparing for the realization of the “TOMORROW FIELD", “Graveyard Concept" and “Exhibition - Do Ho Suh“, which will rethink the relationship between nature and human beings.

With your understanding and support, we hope that you will help us realize the creation of artworks, nurture young people, stimulate their sensibilities across various borders, and foster a spirit of hope and peace in the future.         




Donation: Single unit of donation is 10,000 yen


Support Type:

1. General Support


3. Graveyard Concept

4. Art projects

5. Educational projects 

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