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From Amanohashidate in the east to Kinosaki Onsen in the west, a map recommended by TOMORROW FIELD Office is available and showcases the rich cultural and tourist attractions of the ancient Taniwa Kingdom. Please use your visit to ECHO as an opportunity to enjoy a trip to Tango and Kinosaki, whose history, natural beauty, and heritage will surprise and stimulate your mind and emotions. 





If you are coming to Taiza Studio by car, please be sure to use the parking lot of Shiroshima Park, which requires no parking fee.  


If you are driving to Takano Shrine, please use the vacant lot in front of Takano Shrine.


For access to Kinosaki Onsen Mikiya, please click [[here]].  


*Please note that Special Exhibition III can be viewed only by visitors to ECHO (it is open to the public by reservation only on July 27 and August 10 with reservations.)  









    →タクシー(峰山タクシー/網野タクシー)で約20分、バス(間人循環線)で約30分。      JR網野駅(約2時間40分)下車      








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