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Shamusho (shrine office)


In the past, there were lagoons in Tango where ships from the continent used to dock, and cargo and people would interact with each other on land. The rice paddies in front of Takano Shrine were once lagoons and ports where culture was introduced, and the scene of a "market" that must have once existed in front of them came to mind.  


We would like to propose such an opportunity to experience the wisdom of people; a place where people can feel the vitality of the modern world. Most important, we would like to introduce the delicious and beautiful things we have found in Tango.  


Karakami artisan Koh Kado and artist Yoshihisa Tanaka will co-create a market installation that will display and sell the works of participating artists and local food and beverages that can be brought back to the ECHO experience.  





■Open: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed every Wednesday)  

■Venue: Takano Shrine (249 Miya, Tangocho, Kyotango, Kyoto) , Shamusho (shrine office)

■Venue Design: Koh Kado, Yoshihisa Tanaka  

■Creators/shops: Yoko Ando, Iio Brewery, Koh Kado, Kaikado, Kyotango City Tourism Corporation, Shuji Nakagawa, Akio Niisato, Satoshi Sato, Yoshihisa Tanaka, Tango jersey farm SORA  

■Parking: Please use the parking lot of the Tango Ancient Village Museum.         Visitors using the parking lot are required to enter the museum (¥300 admission fee).  





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