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「ECHO あしたの畑ー丹後・城崎」


農業史研究者・藤原辰史氏の書き下ろし「これから生まれる子どもたちのための食の空間」を含む「ECHO あしたの畑ー丹後・城崎」リーフレットを販売します。  

建築家・西沢立衛氏によるこれからの暮らしを考えるプラン図、現代美術家・須田悦弘氏が城崎温泉 三木屋のために制作した新作図版も掲載。  




Press Release vol.3

In the summer of 2022, “TOMORROW FIELD-Food and Art” will be held in Tango in Kyoto and Kinosaki in Hyogo.    

The theme of this event “ECHO” is the voice of mind, soul and spirit, as heard resounding through the borderless plains upon which art is experienced, the very spirit TOMORROW FIELD seeks to embody.  We will be hosting an outdoor installation centering on food (a dining experience that blends artistically minded architecture and environmental installations) from July 22nd until August 21st, as a space where food and art and the community can intermingle.  

Yoshihiro Suda “Morning glory” 2022


Introduced in CASA BRUTUS

"ECHO TOMORROW FIELD - Food and Art" was introduced in CASA BRUTUS.  


Please take a look! 

Takano Shrine


YouTube channel open

YouTube channel for the charms of Tango and Kinosaki is now available.

Filmed by Noboru Morikawa


Press Release vol.2

We are pleased to announce the exhibition "ECHO" at venues in Kyoto and Hyogo in the San-in region from July 22 (Fri.) to August 21 (Sun.), 2022. 

Koji Kakinuma


Press Release vol.1

Summer, 2022.

A month of food and art in Kinosaki, Tango, evoking the beauty of the heart.

Tango, photo: Noboru Morikawa

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