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Koto Performance


We are pleased to announce that the koto performance “TWO TREES FOR KOTO” will be taken place in SEI TAIZA (3329 Taiza Tangocho, Kyotango) from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 2, 2023.


Artist/composer based in Hong Kong, Samson Young, composed 20 minutes score especially for LEO, who is expanding the possibilities of the koto. This will be the first time they collaborate together.

Left: Samson Young, right: LEO



Teaser page released

"ECHO TOMORROW FIELD" will be held from October 7 (Sat) to November 26 (Sun), 2023.  


Please come and see the works created by the chefs and creators as they explore the nature and culture of Kinosaki, Kyotango.

Photo: AAWAA


Exhibition “ECHO Process”

Two permanent works are planned for "ECHO TOMORROW FIELDーFood and Art" which will be held in Tango and Kinosaki from October 7 (Sat) to November 26 (Sun).  


This exhibition introducing the process will be held at the salon "丗|SEI" in Kyoto City from May 19 to 21 and 26 to 28.

Site view in Tango



will be held

Following last year, "ECHO TOMORROW FIELD" will be held from October 7 (Sat) to November 26 (Sun), 2023.  


Please come and see the works created by the chefs and creators as they explore the nature and culture of Kinosaki, Kyotango.

Details will be announced later.

Site view in Tango


Exhibition "Taiza, Tango"

We are pleased to announce the exhibition "Taiza, Tango" at 丗|SEI.


This exhibition will feature documentations  of the nature and landscapes that photographer Naoya Hatakeyama encountered during his visit to Kyotango, northern Kyoto, and local products from the area.

Naoya Hatakeyama, “Taiza, Tango (Tateiwa)”, 2022


Exhibition "Nature. Creator."

In the community concept TOMORROW FIELD, we renew the appearance of Haji - soil artisan, who used to make ancient burial mounds and soil pottery in this land, Tango, in the ancient time.  An installation by the two artisans will be exhibited in advance for about one month from October to November. 

Photo: Noboru Morikawa



Food and Art, 2022


In the summer of 2022, a food and art event in Tango and Kinosaki will be kicked off.

The Mind called beauty will be awakened.


Venues: Takano Shrine, Kinosaki Onsen Mikiya,

              Taiza Studio

Organizers: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Arts Council, NPO TOMORROW

Koji Kakinuma


Friday, April 8 - Sunday, April 10, 2022

Exhibition "Medicinal Tea"

In cooperation with Akao Chinese herbal medicine store in Ayabe, Shiso tea, which is said to be effective for hay fever, as well as mandarin orange tea and jujube tea, and cups for warm medicinal tea (herbal tea) by ceramics artist Akio Niisato and glasses for cold herbal tea by glass artist Satoshi Sato, each with saucers made by Shuji Nakagawa for each vessel, will be displayed and sold in a limited edition of 10 pieces each.

​Glass photo: Noboru Morikawa


February 11 - February 27, 2022

Exhibition "TODAY FIELD"  

The exhibition will be held at PONTE in Gion and Kamisoe in Nishijin by the founding members who decided that "today" must be cultivated in order to realize TOMORROW FIELD.

Works by Satoshi Sato and Akio Niisato will be exhibited and sold at PONTE, and works by Koh Kado and Shuji Nakagawa will be exhibited and sold at Kamisoe.  



January 18 - February 20, 2022 Exhibition "Samson Young​"

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding an exhibition of new video audio works by Hong Kong-based composer and artist Samson Young.


This exhibition will feature the complete version of his video work “Sonata for Smoke”, which was presented during his residency at Ryosoku-in Temple in Kyoto in 2020, and his new work “Reasonable Music (Lyrica)“, which will be shown for the first time in Japan.

Sonata for Smoke, 2020-2021. © Samson Young. Image courtesy of the artist.


Sunday, December 12, 2021

Gagaku Taiza Performance and Exhibition "Heart Field"

Tennojigakuso Garyokai will perform Gagaku, a form of ancient Japanese court music that prays for peace and tranquility, on the stage of the Takeno Shrine for the first time.    

In addition, an exhibition of camellias blooming in the Sea of Japan by the contemporary artist Yoshihiro Suda will be held at the "TAIZA Studio" from November 29 (Mon).  

Takano Shrine (photo: Noboru Morikawa) 


November 19 (Friday) - 28 (Sunday), 2021   Exhibition "Memory of Paper"

By daring to make paper books and newspapers, which are disappearing, we are attempting to reconsider the value of paper and water, which we want to pass on to the next generation, from the perspective of design and handcraft.  

Yoshihisa Tanaka "TAKEO PAPER SHOW2018"



"TAIZA Studio”

September 27 - November 15, 2021

We will be holding a special exhibition "TAIZA Studio" in Taiza, Kyotango, the northernmost part of Kyoto as an activity of our creative approach for sustainable society TOMORROW FIELD. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit Kyotango, a place where you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Japan, and experience the exhibition.  

TAIZA Studio (photo: Noboru Morikawa)


Tuesday, August 3, 16:00-17:30

Talk for TOMORROW FIELD members

"Food and Architecture: Ryue Nishizawa + Tatsushi Fujihara"

Based on the "Enshoku Theory" proposed by Tatsushi Fujihara, Ryue Nishizawa will talk about the future of food places, incorporating his environmental and lifestyle perspectives.

Food and Architecture


Monday, November 16, 2020 


We held a live talk about "fermentation" between cenci owner chef Ken Sakamoto, one of the founding members of TOMORROW FIELD, and Hidetoshi Nakata, the representative of JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY.  



October 30 - November 21, 2020

Exhibition “TOMORROW FIELD and Graveyard Concept”

The exhibition “TOMORROW FIELD and Graveyard Concept" presents two projects that are creative approaches to study and embody the visions for our future village.

photo: "Graveyard Concept" ©️Office of Ryue Nishizawa, courtesy of WATER AND ART


TOMORROW FIELD-A Thinker’s Cabin Book release and related exhibition 丗|SEI / Tokuda House - Kyoto, Joy of Life 

In this exhibition, we present A Thinker’s Cabin—the first effort by TOMORROW FIELD, scheduled to be completed in 2021. It will include drawings, prototypes, and models of the cabin and domestic objects, such as buckets and bowls.

“Farm Bucket for Tomorrow” by Shuji Nakagawa 2020, Kutsuki’s cedar and bronze, 47cm×37cm  
​Photo: Noboru Morikawa


SEI / Tokuda House - Kyoto, Joy of Life  

SEI / Tokuda House is a 100-year-old, traditional Kyoto machiya that has been meticulously restored by hand by architect Ryue Nishizawa and select artisans, curated by Kayo Tokuda. The book contains newly written essays and photographs and drawings of the process.

Book image

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