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写真:墓地構想ー山頂の墓のイメージ ©️Office of Ryue Nishizawa, courtesy of WATER AND ART






The exhibition “TOMORROW FIELD and Graveyard Concept" presents two projects that are creative approaches to study and embody the visions for our future village.  


In “TOMORROW FIELD”, we endeavour to create a landscape that revolves around food, community, housing, communication, artifacts, and prayer as a creative and artistic approach to our future village from the perspective of "food and environment.”  


In “Graveyard Concept”, long contemplation of the motivations behind art led us to the concept of “prayer,” and to the significance of the graveyard. This graveyard is to be a place where people who are left behind are revitalized by regaining hope for living through artistic experience and in a harmonious environment in nature.   





*This exhibition is open only to TOMORROW and TOMORROW FIELD members. 

If you are not currently members of which one and wish to become members and to view the exhibition, please apply for membership in advance. 


*This exhibition is a rearranged version of the current exhibition “TOMORROW FIELD - A Thinker’s Cabin" which has been held from September 8 to October 17, 2020.   







September 30 – November 21, 2020

(Fri・Sat, 11am-3:30pm)      



丗|SEI(for details)    



3,000JPY. Free for TOMORROW and TOMORROW FIELD members (3,000JPY for members of "Challenger")



Models, drawings, prototypes, and sketches of TOMORROW FIELD and Graveyard Concept  



Original works and food created by artisans for TOMORROW FIELD  




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October 30, 2020-

Exhibition “TOMORROW FIELD and Graveyard Concept”

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