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“Farm Bucket for Tomorrow” by Shuji Nakagawa 2020, Kutsuki’s cedar and bronze, 47cm×37cm  
Photo: Noboru Morikawa


In this exhibition, we present A Thinker’s Cabin—the first effort by TOMORROW FIELD, scheduled to be completed in 2021. It will include drawings, prototypes, and models of the cabin and domestic objects, such as buckets and bowls. 

A Thinker’s Cabin could be thought of as a minimalist foundation for a person to find joy, meditate, and rest from farming or creative production. In this project, architects, artisans, and chefs collaborate to propose possible futures. 

As a result of global mass consumption, climate change and food standardization have become the vital issues of our time. This exhibition proposes a lifestyle—attainable in the near future—where people can still appreciate and find joy in their daily life by reconsidering the relationship between nature and humankind.  




To coincide with the exhibition, we are publishing a book, 丗|SEI / Tokuda House - Kyoto, Joy of Life. In the SEI space, completed in 2016, we are presenting our project-in-progress, TOMORROW FILED, as well as some of unpublished projects created over the past twenty years by Ryue Nishizawa and Kayo Tokuda, including Pavilion (2001–02), their very first project, and Graveyard Concept (2018). 





September 8 – October 17, 2020(Tue / Thu / Sat, 10am-4pm)  



丗|SEI(for details)



2,000 JPY.  Free for TOMORROW and TOMORROW FIELD members  



Models, drawings, prototypes, and sketches of A Thinker’s Cabin, SEI / Tokuda House, Graveyard Concept, Pavilion 



Original works created by artisans for TOMORROW FIELD 

Food by cenci



TOMORROW FIELD-A Thinker’s Cabin  

Book release and related exhibition 丗|SEI / Tokuda House - Kyoto, Joy of Life 

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