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In the Member-only newsletter, we try to introduce how we live in the present to build a society with full of hope through art, what role each person may play, and how we aim for peace by taking action. Professionals in each field will think about the food and environment surrounding our future lives, introduce examples that could be referred to, and create opportunities to think about sustainable ways of living.      




“Agricultural History and Life”

Mr. Tatsushi Fujihara

(Historian / Associate Professor, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University)  

From the perspective of Mr. Fujihara, whose research focuses on the history and philosophy of food and agriculture in the 20th century, he would introduce the wisdom and insights learned from the history of agriculture - what kind of food should be grown and eaten in the face of continuing disasters caused by climate changes and the depletion of water and natural resources.         



“Journey of Architecture”

Mr. Ryue Nishizawa (Architect / Professor at Yokohama National University)  

Mr. Nishizawa will share a photo of a memorable landscape and a case study of culture, food, and the environment that can be used as a reference in progressing the concept of “TOMORROW FIELD". (Courtesy of KENCHIKU Newspaper)      



“World Food that Makes You Smile”

Mr. Ken Sakamoto (Chef / cenci)  

With the keyword “food makes you smile and feel happiness”, Mr. Sakamoto, the owner chef of cenci, will introduce food initiatives from around the world and explore the future of organic soul food that would fit the Japanese climate and culture.      




“A Memorable Hand-made Beauty”

Mr. Koh Kado (Karakami artist / Kamisoe), Mr. Satoshi Sato (Glass artisan /PONTE), Mr. Shuji Nakagawa (Woodworker / Nakagawa Mokkougei), Mr. Akio Niisato (Ceramic artist)  

Four founding artisan members will present one of the most memorable piece of work they have seen, and they will explain how it influenced , what they have learned and what they would think that would deliver message to the future through their works.      



“A Dialogue with Artist”

Kayo Tokuda

(Curator / Chairperson of TOMORROW)

Tokuda will have a dialogue with artists about how each find energy and hope through creation in the quarantine and their inspirations.

The first interview will be with Hong Kong-based artist / composer Mr. Samson Young, and the subsequent interviews will be with Mr. Suh Do Ho and Ms. Teresita Fernández.      




“Our Field"

Mr. Kosuke Yokoyama (Chef / cenci), Mr. Akihito Atsumi (Chef / cenci), Shunya Hashizume (TOMORROW)  

Next generations in food and art research activities in various regions of Japan to learn the history and knowledge necessary for our future lives, food, and the environment.  

They will introduce the thought process of discussing how to relate the experiences of those places to the activities of TOMORROW FIELD.      



Publish: Quarterly in January, April, July and October (the first issue is scheduled to be published in January 2021)

Language: Japanese/English

Open: Members-only page

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