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Thinker's Cabin

TOMORROW FIELD focuses on food, art and education, we will review the role that arts and culture activities should play in the future society and the challenges of today's society, and put into practice "future lifestyles" suited to the climates and environments of the region.

"Thinker's Cabin" is an experiment where artisans and chefs work together to propose future lifestyles and environments by rethinking our current living spaces through the materials, and creating new ones together.

By combining the awareness and skills of each artisans with a new form of artistic expression that addresses the theme of creating building materials that suit the Japanese climate, we are attempting to create a beautiful landscape that we hope to pass on to the future generations.

In addition, workshops by artisans, chefs, and architects (participation of artists residing abroad is being planned remotely) will be held to provide the next generations with educational opportunities to experience advanced artistic and cultural expression in the field, which is difficult to learn in educational institutions.

An exhibition is currently being planned for the spring of 2021 to show the renovation plans, the models made by the artisans, and our project process.


Together with the chefs and artists, we will research and develop fermented and preserved foods to help influence future conscientious eating by using local beans, grains, and other foods.  



We invite creative individuals who are engaged in the world. We provide the time and space for them to learn about Japanese culture, manifest unformed ideas, and exhibit their works.    


We create opportunities for younger creatives to learn languages, gain knowledge, and perfect skills and techniques by interacting with creative talents who are engaged in the world, and experience an art education that captivates and leaves an impression.

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