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The Sea and Ancient Tombs of Taiza

Exhibition TOMORROW FIELD "TAIZA Studio"

September - November, 2021

We will be holding a special exhibition TAIZA Studio in Taiza, Kyotango, the northernmost part of Kyoto, as the programming aimed around our goal of a building a sustainable society at TOMORROW FIELD.  


In this exhibition, the founding members, local craftsmen, and skilled builders of sukiya (traditional Japanese wood architecture) who were responsible for the renovation of SEI alongside architect Ryue Nishizawa, together with the newly graduated staff of TOMORROW, will present how they created this space that proposes a sustainable lifestyle for the future.

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit Kyotango, where you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Japan and visit the exhibition.  



Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays from September 27 to November 15

Capacity: 4 people (every 30 minutes)

        by reservation only

Venue: TOMORROW FIELD TAIZA Studio (Taiza, Tango-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture) Admission: Free for TOMORROW FIELD members                  General public: 1,500 yen

           Students: 1,000 yen

           Youth 16 years old and younger: 500 yen


**Note to new TOMORROW FIELD members (those who joined in August or September 2020): Please pay your annual membership fee on the day of the exhibition or visit website before your visit.  

Click here to apply.

Click here for details of workshops

This exhibition is supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan for the fiscal year 2021.    


Organized by: Agency for Cultural Affairs, TOMORROW  

Exhibition logo: Koji Kakinuma

Wood Eaves: Shuji Nakagawa

Clay wall: Akio Niisato

Kitchen supervision: Ken Sakamoto (cenci)

Glass door: Satoshi Sato (PONTE)

Paper door: Koh Kado (Kamisoe)

Space planning: Shunya Hashizume(TOMORROW)


Venue design supervision: Atsushi Torii (Atelier Kokonoma)

Space Fabrication: Omura Contractor

Clay wall guidance: Nakasu Plasterer

Tatami: Takamuro Tatami

Mounting: Fujita Gasōdō

Kitchen furniture: Jyurinsha  

Paper Lantern: Kojima Shōten

(Logo of TOMORROW FIELD: Hiroshi Sugimoto)  


Curator: Kayo Tokuda (TOMORROW)  

Project manager: Shunya Hashizume (TOMORROW)  

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