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The sea and the terraced rice fields of Tango





Outline of 2023 *Details to be announced later.








October 7–November 26, 2023

*Closed every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Takano Shrine, Taiza Studio)


Tango:Taiza Studio, Tango Ancient Village Museum,

     Takano Shrine, Road Station Tenki Tenki Tango


Details to be announced after June 2023


Textile|Yoko Ando

Art Installation|Teresita Fernàndez

Book|Yoshitaka Haba(BACH)

​Photography|Naoya Hatakey

Literature|Natsuki Ikezawa

Karakami|Koh Kado(Kamisoe)

Ceramic|Takuro Kuwata

Wood Craft|Shuji Nakagawa

Porcelain|Akio Niisato

Architecture|Ryue Nishizawa

Food|Ken Sakamoto(cenci),

    Yukinori Yoshioka(Nawaya)

Glass|Satoshi Sato(PONTE)

Sculpture|Yoshihiro Suda

Design|Yoshihisa Tanaka

Sound Installation|Samson Young

(+ additional artist details to be announced in June.)

TOMORROW, Japan Arts Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan





Before there were letters and words, people expressed their thoughts and desires using shapes and patterns, and their hearts were devoted to praying. Looking at the work of artists who are active internationally, it is clear that there is not only language now, but also a continued exchange of those hearts and minds. Nowadays, when words seem to lie, and trust seems to be won only by contract, have human hearts become richer? How can we soften the muscles of the heart with imagination, affinity, and empathy so that people's efforts to pique their sensibilities can be rewarded and become part of a larger culture?    

Last year, TOMORROW FIELD held ECHO, whose theme was prayer that transcends boundaries through the power of food and art. The result was a month of events that brought smiles to children's faces and encouraged playful interactions with others and generated deep thoughts about the present and future in the minds of high school students.   ​ ​



Certainly, food and art play an important role in early adulthood, and considering that the existence of communities that nurture them forms municipalities, whether remote or urban, for all citizens residing in Japan and visitors from abroad, not only the scenery and historical sites, but also the people living in the present are the memories, records, and experiences of the land. In recognizing that food and art play a role in connecting nature and the history of the land—which is not something that schools can do alone—we will realize a program based on food, art, architecture, and crafts in 2023 that will be an opportunity for people to visit the area and give thought to the young people living today and in the future. Unlike a single event, the official activities of this program will continue for five years and are intended to grow into a sustainable art project that becomes an integral part of the local community and the world at large.    



We want to challenge ourselves to become a place for friendly competition between international artists practicing today and the next generation of creators, with the goal of having their collaborative efforts be moving and generate a value that transcends cultures and customs and that can be transmitted through the symbols of each language. ​ ​







TOMORROW is seeking sponsors and donations to support our activities in 2023.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or making a donation, please contact TOMORROW office. We will send you information materials.  


Sponsorship|If you would become a sponsor by September 30, your name will be listed on printed materials for the ECHO Exhibition to be held from October 7, 2023.

Donations|Please refer to this page

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