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Together with the chefs and artists, we will research and develop fermented and preserved foods to help influence future conscientious eating by using local beans, grains, and other foods.


・Holding food events and selling fermented and  

 preserved foods at the development stage

・Holding workshops with chefs and artists 


We invite creative individuals who are engaged in the world. We provide the time and space for them to learn about Japanese culture, manifest unformed ideas, and exhibit their works.


・Coordinating residencies for artists, artisans, and


・Holding lectures and workshops during residencies


* Residency program is scheduled to start 2021

  (For details


We create opportunities for younger creatives to learn languages, gain knowledge, and perfect skills and techniques by interacting with creative talents who are engaged in the world, and experience an art education that captivates and leaves an impression.


・Holding food education programs for children

・Establishing an internship system for students to

 help further our projects on site with artists and


* Competition program is scheduled to start 2021

  (For details

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