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Exhibition "TAIZA Studio"

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On the occasion of TAIZA Studio (click here for details), we have planned a series of workshops.

We aim to create a place where people can learn and think through interaction with the founding members, and to provide opportunities to experience advanced artistic and cultural expression through the creation of objects that allow people to find joy in daily life.  


Please take this opportunity to visit Kyotango and join us!  


Monday October 4:      "Hamburger" cenci    

Saturday October 9:     “Paper of the Sea”  Kamisoe

Saturday October 16:   "TAIZA Children's Diner" Nawaya    

Saturday October 30:    "Bread Plate" Shuji Nakagawa

Saturday November 27: "My Cup" Akio Niisato 

**Note to new TOMORROW FIELD members (those who joined in August or September 2020): Please pay your annual membership fee on the day of the exhibition or visit website before your visit.  

Workshop participation fee includes admission with the exception of the food workshops.

This exhibition is supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan for the fiscal year 2021.    

Organized by: Agency for Cultural Affairs, 



Monday, October 4, 2021


FOOD POP-UP | Hamburger
by Italian restaurant cenci 

This workshop will feature two kinds of hamburgers made with fermented and fried ingredients from Taiza. cenci’s first appearance in Taiza will result in hamburgers in collaboration of local craft bakery Yasakagama. A drink prepared with local ingredients will also be served.  


Capacity: 6 people (every 15 minutes),

                limited to 50 sets  

Price: For takeout: 2,500 yen for a full portion, 1,500 yen for a half portion  

Admission fee is required to eat in. 

To A​pply

坂本 健

Ken Sakamoto(cenci)


Saturday, October 30, 2021


WOOD | Bread plate with Shuji Nakagawa

Make your own bread plate and optional butter knife. A loaf of freshly made bread from Yasakagama is included in the fee.  

Capacity: 6 people

Fee: Member 7,000 yen

        Non-member 7,500 yen      


* Knife-making costs an additional 1,500 yen. 

                        Non-member        Member

中川 周士

Shuji Nakagawa(Nakagawa Mokkougei)


Saturday, October 9, 2021


PAPER | Paper of the Sea with Kamisoe 

Coming soon

写真 _ Hideaki Hamada

Koh Kado(Kamisoe)


Saturday, November 27, 2021


CERAMICS | My Cup with Akio Niisato

Make a cup that you can live happily with daily. For this workshop, ceramic artist Akio Niisato will be your guide. Takahiro Yagi, sixth generation successor of the tea caddy maker Kaikado —who also runs Kaikado Café—will be making coffee and tea.  


Capacity: 12 people

Fee (includes coffee or tea): Member 10,500 yen, Non-member 11,000 yen 

                        Non-member        Member


Akio Niisato


Saturday, October 16, 2021


LOCAL SPECIALTY | TAIZA Children's Diner by Nawaya 

This workshop has been designed for children to experience and discover the charm and value of local food. Seafood bowl and local herb tea will be served.  


Capacity: 6 people (every 30 minutes),                         limited to 50 servings

Price For takeout: 2,500 yen for a full portion, 1,500 yen for a half portion


Admission fee is required to eat in. 

To A​pply


Yukinobu Yoshioka(Nawaya)

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